Global Gas UK have a team of specialists who are qualified in the installation, maintenance, service and repair of School / College heating systems. We are experts in School boiler replacement, School boiler repair, installation and School boiler maintenance services. We can take care of all aspects of both pro-active and reactive service maintenance and repairs of School / College Heating Systems.

How can Global Gas UK help you?

Heating a School / College is both difficult and expensive and more often than not this is due to old heating systems, lack of proper maintenance or incorrect design / installation. This is where we can help, either with a complete overhaul of your current heating system with a new installation of new, cost efficient appliances and techniques. Or by improving the running of your current system with proper, regular maintenance so as to improve efficiency thus reducing costs. We can also help with targeting specific areas that need attention, such as Hallways, Classrooms, Halls, Canteens or wherever else your School / College is experiencing issue with heating. Contact us now on 0161 724 0510 to discuss your project, or if you prefer, send us your details or request a callback using our form below.

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